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The College for Administrative Professionals is a membership association for administrative professionals. Our mission is to ensure that individuals employed in office and administrative positions have the opportunity to learn, lead, and grow professionally thereby contributing more significantly to their organizations and providing a more rewarding and successful career

We are dedicated to helping administrative professionals advance their careers through certification and continuing quality on-line education. Our focus is on always preparing our members for what lies ahead.

Through insightful articles, we strive to provide the knowledge and skills that build success, advancement, and recognition

Certification and Designation

The Administrative Professional Certification (APC) curriculum-based program is designed to enhance the administrative professional’s skill-set and position the holder for increased upward mobility.

The College of Administrative Professionals follows the university standard. As required by all accredited universities, all our on-line course instructors have as a minimum a master’s degree from a fully accredited university as well as at least one professional designation, and at least fifteen years’ of full-time experience teaching administrative professionals.

The APC Certification program offers a cost-effective program. The course of studies is designed to demonstrate and certify that each graduate possesses an in-depth understanding of the specialized knowledge of administrative assistant fundamentals, best practices, and current modalities in management thought and organizational behavior.


Earning your APC Certification credential demonstrates your aptitude as an administrative professional. It reflects your accomplishments as a professional in your chosen field of expertise as well as your commitment to excellence through life-long learning,

College membership and the APC assessment-based professional certification course of studies provides the graduate with many career advantages and opportunities for self-actualization. Specifically it:

  • Demonstrates to your employer, that you desire to improve your skills and professionalism.
  • Positions the member as a strong organizational participant.
  • Increases personal and professional confidence.
  • Provides specific strategies that lead to improved performance.
  • Forms invaluable personal and professional confidence.
  • Indicates the members dedication to the profession and commitment to stay up to date in an ever-changing environment.
  • Presents specific strategies for improved performance.
  • Significantly enhances interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Provides that unique edge needed in today’s competitive organizational environment.
  • Magnifies visibility and influence
  • Can contribute to a  stronger manager/assistant partnership.
  • Increases professional reputation and self-esteem.
  • Can leads to more rapid advancement.

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The requirements must be satisfied to become certified and obtain your APC are:

The first is the experience component. To be awarded the APC, the candidate must have a minimum of five years experience as an administrative professional. The experience requirement is three years for those individuals holding a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

The educational component is taken on-line.

Accomplish the coursework for the designation by completing the program of studies consisting of the candidates choice of five of the seven modules. Each of the learning modules consists of five lessons.

The curriculum rubric is reproduced below and reflects the following areas of competence:

  • Current Topics in Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Time, Deadlines and Priorities
  • Conflict Management and Dealing with Difficult People
  • Improving Memory and Concentration
  • Increasing Influence and Behavioral Styles for Administrative Professional
  • Current Topics in Stress-Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making

Candidates must pass a final qualifying examination with a grade of at least 65%.



The College is committed to keeping the cost as low as possible. Advanced credit is provided to candidates who have taken the World Class Administrative Professionals APC Certification Course. For complete details, go to:

For those pursuing certification by distance learning the entire cost of the program including books, materials, and certification of professional designation is $595.00 US$.

Individuals wishing to achieve their APC designation now or in the future are encouraged to become a member of the College of Administrative Professionals. Membership in the College is FREE, and as a member, you will receive articles and other information of interest to administrative professionals.

To join or to receive more information on professional certification and the course of studies, please send us a message by clicking the link below.

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